Cycling helmet

A necessary accessory to have for your cycling journey is a helmet. Many cyclists recount stories of horrific accidents where the only reason they get to tell the story is that of the helmets they wore and protected their head. When determining an apt helmet, focus on factors such as breathability, lightweight design, and good fit.

Bike lock

Unfortunately, we live in a day and age where cycle theft is quite common, and no one desires to have their precious cycles stolen from them. This issue can be redressed by possessing a bike lock. Bike locks come in U or D shapes. Prefer those locks which come with a gold star security check and in D shapes.

Bike lights

It is imperative to maintain white lights in front of the cycle for visibility of road and red lights behind for visibility for other drivers behind you. It is more of a legal requirement than a matter of personal preference. Remember to determine a good pair of lights as they are crucial for your cycling adventures after dark.

Cycling pedals

Not everyone will be comfortable in their journeys pedaling with stock cycle pedals. To increase your power delivery and ease of comfort, switch to clipless pedals. Such pedals offer a broader platform to grip and are reasonably priced.


You never know what may need fixing or tightening in your cycle during journeys. So, it is crucial you have in hand a multi-tool with the necessary tools to tighten and loosen the bolts in your cycle while being compact.


In case you are stuck with the bad luck of tire puncture, you need to consider purchasing a mini pump. Since tires are prone to punctures, it is handy to carry a mini and compact pump capable of inflating your tire on the go.

Cycling shorts

Cycling shorts are imperative for a smooth and comfortable cycling journey. Remember to purchase cycling shorts which are breathable, protect your crotch from saddle pressure and have a fast drying fabric.

Waterproof jacket

It is a good idea to invest in a good cycling jacket, preferably waterproof ones. When determining an excellent waterproof jacket look for sufficient ventilation and breathability, good fit and design that serves the purpose and reflective patches for other driver visibility.

Saddle cover

When you keep your cycle out and come back to see that seat is wet, could make the journey uncomfortable. You can address this issue by adopting saddle covers that protect the seat from rain and minute debris.

Phone mount

Setting up a phone mount on the handlebar of your cycle is not a bad idea as it enables to view your correct coordinates and to give you the complete benefits of using the phone.


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