Exclusively designed by Bicycle Basecamp founder Gerry Newton, the “Speedster” bike is quintessentially the prototype for the modern day urban commuter. For comfort, perch yourself upon the Brooks B-17 leather saddle, the ideal companion for those bumpy city streets. For style, place your eyes on Foffa’s signature Prima black frameset, wet painted for a durable and glossy finish. For speed, the “Speedster” is fitted with Weinmann alloy custom made machined chrome rims laced to Quando hubs, and completed with Schwalbe Lagano 700c racing tyres.

The “Speedster” is more than just another single speed road bike, it was designed with a greater purpose. The Bicycle Basecamp designed “Speedster” was created to raise awareness for bicycle charity Re-cycle, a UK charity committed to providing cheap and sustainable transport in Africa. Bicycles offer the people of Africa the best means to improve their lives, whilst acting as an invaluable resource for traveling health workers helping with the AIDS epidemic.